Beco Plush 8000 Review: Your Gateway to A Long-Lasting Vaping Experience

Beco Plush 8000 Review: Your Gateway to A Long-Lasting Vaping Experience

Beco is a renowned vape brand, that is known and recognized for its amazing-tasting disposable vapes. Beco recently launched its newest range of disposable vapes called Beco plush 8000, which, as the name suggests, can boast up to 8000 puffs! From the outset, it comes in a colorful box covered with doodles and has an eco-leather encasing which makes it appear all the sleeker and stylish.

Let’s take a close look at what this powerful vape device has to offer to its users.

Appearance and Look

When you pop the vape, out of the box, you are presented with a shiny new body, that’s halfway covered with an anti-scratch matt finish, and encased in a fine leather cover on the other half. Beco plush has an extremely intuitive and ergonomic design, that’s user-friendly and convenient. The casing outside equips it with a firm surface, that can easily be held, without slipping from the hand. It has a small cylindrical mouthpiece fitted at the top and a charging port at the bottom.

Flavor and Taste

Beco plush 8000 range comes in 12 amazing flavors that are as enticing as their names suggest. From watermelon ice to sakura grapes and peach ice, you are offered a wide range of exotic flavors to choose from. All the flavors have a distinct quality of coolness to them, that reveals itself upon the exhale. And the best part is the longevity of these devices, which allows you to enjoy the taste of your favorite flavor for an extended period of time, owing to the 8000 puffs each device can boast.

The flavor range includes Watermelon ice, cherry pomegranate ice, sakura grapes, lime mojito, mango peach pineapple, strawberry peach guava, berry lemon, strawberry watermelon, fresh mint, cuba tobacco, peach ice, and blue razz cotton candy. Each flavor contains 50mg of nicotine.

Following are some of the flavors we have analyzed and gauged so far:

Watermelon Ice

Bringing to mind the refreshing summer goodness of juicy watermelons, beco plush watermelon ice combines the juiciness of pulpy watermelons with a blast of icy freshness to cool you down. The flavor itself is very well-balanced, with the right amount of sweetness and throat kick.

Mango Peach Pineapple

A well-balanced pairing of three exciting fruity notes. Beco plush mango peach pineapple combines the taste of pulpy sweet mangoes with juicy peaches and tasty pineapples for a flavorful concoction. This flavor blend in itself is complex, but beco has executed it so well that it feels like you’re literally taking a spoonful of your favorite fruits.

Fresh Mint

If you like the taste of old-school mint flavors, then you are bound to love beco plush fresh mint flavor. It releases an icy minty goodness upon inhale that will tantalize your tongue, and with the throat kick it bears, it will surely leave a shiver down your spine.

What we found the most striking feature of these vapes was the balance between flavors and nicotine content. 50mg nicotine is usually a lot and is only recommended to people who are severely addicted to nicotine. Having that much nicotine in vapes can sometimes create a misbalance between flavor content, but beco’s flavors are absolutely well-balanced and great-tasting.

Battery and Charging

Each vape device contains 16ml e-liquid and is equipped with a powerful 800mAh battery. The 800mAh battery integrated into the design of the Beco Plush disposables isn’t the most powerful out there, but it’s certainly powerful enough to last. You’ll get as many as 8000 puffs out of each one of these vapes — plenty to keep you going. Plus, these devices are rechargeable and you can easily charge your vape device, whenever it runs out of battery.

Overall Performance

Each Beco plush disposable boasts a large e-juice capacity of 16ml as well as a 5% nicotine strength making it a great choice for anyone trying to quit smoking. We enjoy a smooth vaping experience with these nifty little devices, packed with plenty of flavor.

Thanks to the adjustable airflow integrated into the device, we also have some control over the vaping experience — that’s something that not all disposables provide and it’s a welcome addition to these models. All in all, each puff delivers excellent flavor and the nicotine hit is wonderfully satisfying right, and fulfilling.


Each beco plush disposable vape is priced at $ 29.99.

Beco plush disposable vapes offer good value for money. If you compare these vapes with similar products delivering an identical amount of nicotine and available in similar flavors, you get at least 3000 more puffs for your money.

These are at the more affordable end of the market and, while they aren’t the cheapest disposables, for the quality of their performance and the impressive array of flavors, you won’t be disappointed in your purchase.

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