Has Cloud Chasing Disappeared into Puff Vapour?


What are the reasons behind the decrease in popularity of large sub-ohm vaping devices?

Back when vaping was famous before disposable vapes and pod kits took over, sub-ohm vaping was super trendy. People loved using big and robust devices. Some vaping fans even enjoyed making their coils using RDAs and RTAs. But what’s going on now with all those vapers? Did the trend of making big clouds of vapour suddenly disappear? Read along to know.

What is Sub Ohm Vaping?

Sub-ohm vaping, or cloud chasing uses electronic cigarettes to create big vapour clouds. People do this by using strong devices, coils with low resistance, and special liquids that make a lot of vapour. This makes the vapour taste good and creates a lot of visible vapour, like a cloud. Some people even do tricks with the smoke.

However, many people who used to do cloud chasing have switched to using disposable e-cigarettes and small devices called pod systems. This is because cloud chasing requires a lot of work to keep up. The coils in the devices can wear out quickly, the liquid gets used up faster, and the batteries lose power fast. So, many people found it easier to switch to more straightforward vaping options.

Did Cloud Chase Disappear Due to the Popularity of Disposables?

Around 2021, disposable vaping devices gained much attention, starting with products like Geek Bars. These single-use kits became incredibly popular for several reasons. In today’s world, convenience is highly valued, and these devices offer ease of use because they don’t require carrying liquids, changing coils, or recharging batteries. They’re particularly appealing to new vapers and social smokers since they contain nicotine similar to a pack of cigarettes.

However, disposables have downsides, including their environmental impact and cost. Each device contains a lithium battery that can harm the environment if not disposed of properly. Additionally, while cheaper than cigarettes, disposables are one of the more expensive ways to vape. Yet, you can reduce this cost through a subscription service like the Elf Bar & Lost Mary, where you receive eight devices delivered every 2-6 weeks, making each kit cost only £3.75.

Despite these drawbacks, disposables serve their purpose, particularly for new vapers or those seeking an affordable option for on-the-go use. Here are three noteworthy disposable product lines.

A Plethora of Pod Kits

Because people liked the easy-to-use disposable e-cigarettes, the companies that make e-cigarettes realized this and started making more pod kits instead of the more significant sub-ohm devices.

Popular brands like VOOPOO, SMOK, and GeekVape, which were known for making significant and robust e-cigarettes, began creating kits like the SMOK Novo 2C, VOOPOO ARGUS G, and the GeekVape Wenax Q. These kits usually have pods that you can throw away after using or coils that you can quickly put in. They also often work just by inhaling, making them even simpler.

The Culture of Competition

Cloud chasing was not merely about producing vapour clouds but about pushing the boundaries of what was physically possible. Vapers sought to outdo one another in contests showcasing technical skill and creative innovation. These events fostered a sense of camaraderie among participants, leading to the rapid expansion of a community that revelled in the art of cloud creation.

The Safety Concerns

As cloud chasing gained popularity, it attracted its fair share of criticism and concern. Detractors pointed out that pursuing more enormous clouds sometimes came at the cost of safety. Pushing devices beyond their limits could lead to overheating, battery venting, and other hazardous consequences. The vaping community began to grapple with the need to balance chasing clouds and practising responsible vaping.

From Quantity to Quality

In response to safety concerns and an evolving market, cloud chasing gradually shifted from an obsession with quantity to a focus on quality. Vape manufacturers began developing products that could produce impressive vapour clouds and exceptional flavour. This marked a turning point as vapers started valuing the overall vaping experience rather than solely fixating on cloud production.

The Technological Revolution

Innovation within the vaping industry was pivotal in reshaping the cloud-chasing landscape. The introduction of advanced devices with temperature control, adjustable wattage, and customizable airflow allowed vapers to fine-tune their setups for optimal cloud production and flavour. This technological revolution enhanced the vaping experience and contributed to the longevity of cloud chasing as a viable trend.

Community and Creativity

One enduring legacy of cloud chasing is the strong sense of community it cultivated. Online forums, social media groups, and local meetups provided platforms for vapers to share knowledge, exchange ideas, and showcase their latest creations. As cloud chasing evolved from a competitive sport to a creative outlet, vapers found solace in the shared passion and creativity that connected them.

The Modern Landscape

As we arrive in the present day, it’s evident that cloud chasing has not vanished into thin air. Instead, it has transformed into a multi-dimensional pursuit encompassing competition, innovation, safety, and camaraderie. Cloud chasers now navigate a landscape that values voluminous vapour clouds and responsible vaping practices. With diverse devices, flavours, and coil builds, enthusiasts can tailor their experiences to match their preferences.


Cloud chasing has driven a remarkable journey from its origins as a competitive spectacle to its present status as a dynamic and multifaceted aspect of vaping culture. Rather than fading away, cloud chasing has adapted to the changing times, embracing safety, innovation, and community. As vaping technology continues to evolve, so will cloud chasing, ensuring this trend remains an integral part of the ever-evolving vaping world.

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