Rise Of Pod Mods: A Deep Dive Into Compact Vaping

pod mods

With the vaping industry elevating to more heights and blessing its consumers with new advancements now and then, it’s impossible not to feel the influence or keep up with the trends for a smooth and flavourful experience. And just like that, we’ve got a new vape device that needs to be on your list right away, i.e., a pod mod!

Now, before you start asking questions like how this device functions? What are its features? Or how do you get one? Relax! We’ll cover everything in this blog guide. So, start reading!

Pod Mod: What Is it & How Does It Work?

It is a combined device offering the features of both traditional pod and mod. While the conventional pod system stores e-liquid and can be refilled when needed, a vape mod has an atomiser coil, glass tank, and a powerful battery for massive vapour production.

Though a pod mod is the combination of the best two vape devices, it has a pod instead of a glass tank or atomiser to store the e-flavour, reducing the size of the lower mod and offering enhanced portability and convenience for users.

Thus, all you have to do is keep the pod filled with your favourite flavour and take vapoured draws whenever, wherever! And with a greater battery capacity, your pod mod will last a long time.

Features & Specifications

Now that you’re aware of what is a pod mod and how it works, here’s a list highlighting the device’s features you should know;

  • Adjustable Power Settings

With this feature, you can fine-tune the vapour and flavour production and pick a setting that suits your preference.

  • Credible Manufacturing Materials

The modernised pod mod has more robust metal alloys and premium trims than traditional devices that offer plastic pod systems or poor-quality trimmings.

  • Highly Durable

Who doesn’t love buying a vape product that’s portable, easy to use, and water and dust-resistant?! Well, luckily, a pod mod has all these features!

  • Replaceable Coils

We understand the need for coil replacement now and then without discarding the entire pod. Thus, the new pod mod offers such customisation- hence, goodbyes to old hassles!

  • Auto-Draw Feature

Guess what? While using most of the pod mods, you won’t need to press any buttons to draw a hit. Instead, just like disposables, you can inhale the flavour directly from the mouthpiece.

Pod Mods Vs Traditional Vape Pods & Mods

Though it represent an innovative evolution in the vaping industry, most people still inquire about the difference between this device and traditional pods and mods. Thus, to help you with that, we’ve listed a few points below;

Performance & Customisation

Traditional pods are designed for simplicity and prioritise ease of use and portability. They further have pre-filled or refillable pods with limited customisation options. Meanwhile, mods perform better than pods and even offer various customising features.

Compared to both, It also have customising features like adjustable power settings and better performance while being super-portable and easy to use.

Atomiser Coils & Flavour Options

Now, while atomiser coils in traditional vape pods need to be replaced by discarding the entire pod, mods offer the flexibility of replaceable coils catering to different vaping styles.

On the other hand, It also have replaceable atomiser coils, yet they don’t need to be discarded entirely and even offer various options for different vaping styles.

Build Materials & Durability

Many traditional pod systems are constructed primarily from plastic, emphasising lightweight design and cost-effectiveness. Meanwhile, vape mods have metal alloy materials, adding to their weight and sizes. Yet, a pod mod not only has higher-end materials like tough metal alloys and leather trim, but it’s also light in weight, offering convenience and durability.

Battery Life

While the traditional pods have smaller batteries for moderate use, mods offer an extended battery life with external chargers, which can be a hassle to handle at times. A pod mod balances battery and portability by offering more power than traditional pods and easy-charging options than massive mods.

User Experience & Transition

While traditional vape pods often work as starter kits for those trying vaping for the first time, mods are for experienced vapers familiar with various nicotine strengths and ratios.

However, pod mods work as the perfect middle ground, letting beginners upgrade and transition their experience smoothly by offering multiple customising flavours and vapour production features.

Choosing The Right Pod Mod

Now, if you’re completely new to pod mods and want to buy one, we’ve listed a few tips you can remember while purchasing;

  • Vaping Preferences

Choosing the right pod mod involves considering your personal preferences. For example, are you a flavour chaser, a cloud enthusiast, or someone seeking a convenient, on-the-go solution? Knowing your vaping style will guide your decision-making process.

  • Battery Life

Evaluate your vaping habits and choose a pod mod with an appropriate battery capacity. If you’re frequently on the move, a device with a longer battery life might be preferable. Consider whether the pod mod supports quick charging for added convenience.

  • Customisation Features

Customisation allows you to fine-tune your vaping experience according to your preferences. Whether you enjoy a mellow draw or a powerful hit, having control over power settings enhances your overall satisfaction.

  • Build Quality & Durability

High-quality materials like metal alloys and durable trims contribute to the device’s longevity. A well-built pod mod can withstand daily wear and tear, ensuring a longer lifespan.

  • Coil Options

Check if the pod mod offers a variety of replaceable coil options. Having different coil options allows you to experiment with flavours and find the perfect setup for your taste. Additionally, pods with replaceable coils are more cost-effective in the long run.

  • Reviews & Recommendations

Before making a final decision, explore reviews from other vapers and seek recommendations from trusted sources.

  • Budget Considerations

Set a budget for your pod mod purchase. While there are premium options with advanced features, there are also budget-friendly alternatives that offer excellent performance. So, make sure you’re not going over the board.

The Roundup

Vaping has undoubtedly become a worldwide culture, influencing many people to make healthier choices with the additional burst of flavours. And thanks to the frequent inventions, you can now get a better and combined version of traditional vape pods and mods, i.e., a pod mod. Thus, with our brief explanation of the working process of this new device, its appealing features, and additional tips, you won’t face any problems! Happy vaping!

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