The Evolution Of Vaping: From Past To Present


Do you remember the time when there were no flavoured vapours in the air but only tobacco combustion-filled pungent smells, leading to severe health problems like cancer, heart disease, and even diabetes?!

However, the air did change after people ditched traditional cigarettes and opted for flavoured vapers, causing 90% less harm than the former trend. But are you wondering the same, i.e., how such a historic change happened? Or perhaps, how did such evolutions happen in vaping, which we see today?

Relax! You are about to get answers to all your questions in this story-telling blog! That being said, it’s time to get started!

Smoking Vs Vaping: The Difference

Before starting the story of evolution, it’s important to know why people made such a significant switch and what the difference between both is. For starters, smoking involves the combustion of tobacco, which lets an individual experience nicotine hits.

However, as the habit is highly addictive, we often see people increasing their cigarette consumption gradually rather than quitting it, which often causes withdrawal symptoms.

On the other hand, vaping is a process of inhaling the heated aerosol of flavoured nicotine. Most smokers start vaping to quit the habit and limit their nicotine consumption. Since vaping has tons of delicious flavours and lets you pick a nicotine strength per your preference, it’s more widely popular and accepted than smoking.

The Historic Evolution

Though the modern evolution of vape devices began in the early 21st century, we’ll get to that part shortly. Till then, here’s a short preview of the historic introduction of e-cigs.

  • Early Attempts (1960 – 2000s)

The early attempts were made in the 1960s by Herbert A. Gilbert, who introduced the concept of a smokeless and non-tobacco cigarette. However, Gilbert’s invention went in vain as he failed to commercialise it.

  • Invention Of The First Electronic-Cigarette (2003)

Following the attempts to make an impact, the Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik created an alternative to smoking, i.e., a modern electric cigarette, which heated an element to vaporise a liquid containing traces of nicotine, propylene glycol, and flavourings. In the following year, Lik started the company Ruyan, which began selling e-cigs worldwide.

  • Global Expansion & Rebuttals (2006-2010)

E-cigarettes started gaining popularity globally and became popular in several continents, including Europe, the United States, New Zealand, and Australia. And the biggest selling point of the new trend was it being a safer alternative to smoking.

Further, while most countries accepted the change, some started banning vaping as well, including Turkey and even the WHO, which considered vaping safer than smoking but not the right alternative.

Additionally, a study by Public Health England said otherwise and won over the new influence by claiming it was 95% less harmful than traditional cigarettes.

  • Vaping: The New Smoking Cessation Tool (2010-onwards)

After winning most people’s approval worldwide, the vaping world began to introduce more inventions and even the earliest invention, i.e., e-cigarette, has become a classic already! However, let’s discuss these modern inventions in the next section!

Present-day Advancements

Though you can still purchase a perfectly assembled e-cig, there are a lot of modern inventions like pods, mods, disposables and deliciously fascinating e-flavours you should know about. Thus, here’s a brief on these present-day vaping advancements;

  • Vape Pens

These pens are no less than new and improved e-cigs. Featuring a battery, tank, atomiser coil, and a button to push and draw vapour. The best part is you can refill the tank, charge the batteries, and replace the coil for an extended use.

  • Vape Pods

Pods are quite small and portable. Further, featuring removable and refillable pods, these devices also have batteries, a reservoir, a coil, and an airflow system. Though you can add a traditional e-juice in pods, the advanced ones work smoothly with nic-salts, which we’ll discuss in a while.

  • Vape Mods

Mods are the most powerful vape devices in the modern day and are specifically designed for experienced vapers. Mods are a perfect long-term investment for those wanting stronger nicotine hits. They are built with an atomiser head, coil, high-capacity batteries, and customising features like wattage adjustment and temperature control.

  • Disposable Vapes

Disposable bars are truly one of the best modern inventions of the vaping world. Offering a battery, limited puff range, and a wide range of exquisite flavours, these are perfect for those wanting a casual vape once in a while or ex-smokers looking for an alternative to quit the habit entirely.

  • E-Liquids

Though regular e-liquids with 50 PG (propylene glycol) and 50 VG (vegetable glycerine) ratio blends have been around since the start. There are new advancements now; for example, you can get the e-liquid with desirable proportions like 70:30 VG and PG or vice versa, or even 80:20 ratios, depending on the usage.

Other than this, to avoid harsh nicotine hits and a smooth vaping experience, the industry has introduced nicotine salt e-liquids, extracted directly from tobacco leaves and mixed with benzoic acid later. These salts are to be used rather slowly as they’re stronger.

Lastly, we also have shortfills, i.e., flavoured liquids without any nicotine addition. Thus, you can get a bottle of your favourite flavour and add the nicotine shots later, depending on your preference and usage. Most don’t even add nicotine as vaping further provides a nic-free option to its consumers.

The Sparkling Future

So, that was the past and present of vaping evolution; now, what can be expected of this worldly accepted smoking cessation habit? Currently, we’re also witnessing multiple countries raising their voices against vaping as it’s been influencing younger generations with its colourful flavours, accessibility, and portability. Hence, we can expect an effect on the overall demand.

Further, while disposable vape bars are the most bought devices, they also attract young children the most. Thus, we can expect a specific ban on the popular device. However, as most ex-smokers have been preferring these devices as a helpful alternative, we can also see an outrage.

Besides this, as most vape devices can’t be recycled properly and cause environmental pollution, we can expect more work to be done on the initiative to save the planet and promote environment-free vaping.

Additionally, as technology keeps improving every day, especially Artificial Intelligence, many people are expecting a connection between AI and vaping devices due to their wearability.

The Takeaway

It’s obvious that things didn’t change overnight. Instead, there’s a dedication of multiple decades to label vaping as a safer alternative to smoking. Though there are still problems associated with the new alternative, like youth vaping, we are still hopeful for better and more effective initiatives to tackle these issues properly.

Other than that, AI associations and environmentally friendly measures can surely change the face of vaping forever. But we will have to wait for a while to let that happen. Till then, good luck, and happy vaping!

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