Tired Of The Usual E-Liquids? Try The New IVG 6000 E-Salt!

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With the vaping industry headed toward sheer advancement, it was only about time for us to get our hands on the premium e-liquid salts offering massive puff ranges! And just like that, IVG has listened to our prayers and blessed us with none other than e-liquid, offering a 6000 range! Yes! You’ve read it right, and just like every time, we’re here to share our experience with this new find on the market. So, let’s begin!

IVG 6000 E-Liquid: The First Impression

I Vape Great has always been at the top of the game when it comes to extending the vaping possibilities among users. And so far, we’re spellbound by the new 6000 salts. It’s made with the 50-50 PG and VG ratio, so it’s pretty suitable for MTL devices, including pods.

Moving on, the packaging and bottle’s style are appealing. For example, earlier IVG had black caps, which are now replaced with silver and the instructions are printed clearly, which aligns with the new consultation report released a while ago.

Further, as promised, these new e-liquids last longer, and the taste is sweetened and stronger than other e-liquids, so that’s another winning point.

How Is It Better Than Other E-Liquids?

To help you figure out why you prefer the 6000 e-liquid salt over others, we’ve listed a comparative analysis. Check it out;

  • Puff Count

The claim of 6000 puffs in an e-liquid is not just a new invention but also quite higher than many standard e-liquids on the market, providing value longevity and cost-effectiveness altogether!

  • Flavour Profile

As IVG wants you to have a seamless vaping experience, their new e-liquid salts have 10 different and delicious flavours you can try!

  • E-Liquid Type

Despite the 50/50 VG and PG blend, this new invention uses premium nic salt instead of traditional nicotine concentration. And since it’s extracted from tobacco leaves, it provides smoother throat hits without causing any harsh reactions.

  • Regulatory Compliance

As we all want our vaping devices and e-liquids to be TPD-compliant and align with the government’s new policies, IVG has ensured no obstacles, as the nicotine strength isn’t higher than 20mg/ml.

  • Price Point

We understand if you’re worried about the price as the 6000 e-liquid salt doesn’t sound affordable; however, you’ll be surprised to know that it’s only £3.99 on the official website!

  • Brand Reputation

IVG is not a new name in the vaping industry! They’ve been around for quite a while and have even won renowned titles for selling high-quality products without compromising anything worldwide! So, it’s another plus point of buying this e-liquid!

Flavours We Got To Try

As flavours are always the best parts about vaping and e-liquids, we got to try a few from the newly launched range of IVG 6000 salts, and here are them;

  • Berrylicious Blast

This flavour is clearly the best-seller! Just one puff feels like an explosion of juicy blueberries and sweet cherries in the mouth. Further, the taste of tangy cranberries lingers after a while and creates a sensational burst one wouldn’t forget!

  • Strawberry Raspberry Crush

Similarly, Strawberry Raspberry Crush is another fruity experience. The sweetened strawberries never fail to impress. Though the addition of raspberries is also sweet, the little bit of tartness gives away the perfectly balanced sweet and sour taste.

  • Lemon Peach Crush

The lemon-peach combo is another fabulous flavour you should try! The sweet and sour taste of ripe peaches and the tropical vibes of passionfruit can always elevate the taste effortlessly. Plus, with the additional tangy lemon kick, it’s anything but a vibrant and lively experience you would want to vape continuously!

A Potential Downside

Though everything about the 6000 e-liquid salt sounds and tastes perfect, we’ve always been transparent about everything in our reviews; thus, the only downside of this invention is that the flavours might be extra sweet and strong for a few people.

Our Verdict

So this was all you should know about the IVG 6000 e-liquid salt for now, and our verdict is YOU SHOULD BUY THIS ASAP! Also, there might be a discount offer going on, so hurry up!

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