Top 10 E-Liquid Flavours Trending In 2023

e-liquid flavours

Vaping is more than just inhaling vapour – it’s an exhilarating experience enriched by the explosion of delicious flavours. Since the world of e-liquids is ever-evolving, staying ahead of the curve to embrace the latest trends is the new cool! And before you make a guess, yes! There has been a tasty yet refreshing addition to the vape juices of the year list! So, what’s stopping you? Let’s explore the top 10 e-liquid flavours of 2023 ASAP!

E-Liquids/Vape Juices: What’s The Secret?

Vape juices are no less than secret potions added to enhance the flavouring magic. Thus, in simple words, they are the liquids inside the vape tanks. The ingredients include;

  • Propylene Glycol (PG)
  • Vegetable Glycerine (VG)
  • Nicotine
  • Flavour

Though you can also get nicotine-free e-liquid flavours or add them as per your preference, the options are endless. Further, while the PG has a thin consistency, it helps with the flavoured throat hit effect. Meanwhile, VG has a thicker consistency and produces massive vapour clouds. Then, the multiple flavours always elevate the overall experience to a higher level.

Types Of E-Liquids

Since the vaping world has no limits so far, and we mean it in a positive way, there are several types of e-liquid flavours you should know about. We’ve listed a few below;

  • Nicotine Salts

These are a bit different from regular nicotine e-juices of 50:50 blend as they provide a robust nicotine hit as they’re extracted from tobacco leaves directly. Further, these e-liquids are usually suggested to ex-smokers looking for an alternative or trying to quit smoking at once.

  • Shortfills

These are similar to regular e-juices but contain no nicotine and are filled in several quantities, allowing people to add nicotine strength per their preference. For example, if you’re buying a 60ml shortfill, you will get 50 ml of it, and the rest of the 10ml space is left out for the nicotine shots, which you’ll add gradually.

  • Ratio-ed E-Juices

Lastly, there are several ratio-ed e-liquids available in the market. Most vapers prefer the 50 VG:50 PG blend as it’s perfect for pods and beginner devices with a 1 ohm or greater coil.

However, as many prefer tasting the flavour more than throat hits, 70 PG:30 VG e-liquid is also available. The throat hits are smoother, and the coil resistance is higher than 1.8 for nicotine-filled vapours.

Similarly, a 70 VG:30 PG ratio is available for those needing more vapour clouds than nicotine-filled flavour hits. For such ratios, the coil resistance ranges from 0.5 to 0.9 ohms.

Trending E-Liquid Flavours Of 2023

So, are you ready to explore the 10 secret potions to blissful vaping this year? Here’s a breakdown;

Category A: Delicious Berries & Fruits

We understand the cruel summer season of the UK, making you crave an exotic trip to Hawaii. However, since leaving everything behind and going on a sudden vacation is not a priority on everyone’s list, we’ve got an alternative, i.e., vaping delicious berries and fruit-flavoured e-liquids.

The result? No hassle of booking flights; instead, just instant puffs, and you will experience a day being spent in Hawaii right away!

  1. Strawberry, Raspberry, And Blueberry Hybrid E-Liquid

Combined with flavour notes of raw strawberry, raspberry, and blueberry, this hybrid e-liquid will be the perfect choice for a William Shakespeare kind of summer’s day! Plus, who doesn’t love such a delicious punch of berries, anyway?!

  1. Pineapple, Lemon & Lime Nic Salt E-Liquid

Since we’re talking about a trip to Hawaii, it would be incomplete without the mention of pineapples and lemons, no? Thus, this is our second-best suggestion from this category, which you can’t miss!

  1. Frozen Cherries

Don’t worry; we’ve saved the best for the last frozen cherries! Made with the extracts of original cherries laced with crushed ice – who wouldn’t want to taste such a combo on any day? 

Category B: Satisfying Desserts

Got a sweet tooth to satisfy? No worries, the satisfying dessert vape category won’t disappoint you! From tasting vanilla extracts to diving into Willy Wonka’s chocolate fountains, there’s no end. So, check out the ones we’ve shortlisted from this category;

  1. Caramel Milkshake

Do you know just a little taste of golden caramel is enough for a happy day? However, since tasting raw caramel frequently for an entire day might not be the ideal choice, there’s something else you can do: vape with a caramel milkshake-flavoured e-liquid!

  1. Mango Vanilla Ice Cream – Mix

If caramel doesn’t excite you much, we believe a mango and vanilla-flavoured ice cream can do the magic any day! But hey, we’re not talking about literal ice cream, so how about experiencing the blended notes of raw mango and sweet vanilla?

  1. Cappuccino E-liquid

The classic Italian blend of fresh coffee brews is perfect for giving that quick recharge your body and mind usually need in the morning. Though it’s enough to lift the mood, the additional nuts, cream, and chocolate notes can instantly turn your dessert-heaven dream into a fascinating reality!

Category C: Refreshing Mint/Menthol

Sometimes, all we need is just a refreshing splash at the end of the day or amid stressful situations. But as taking a literal dive into the water may not be ideal, especially if you’re bound to endless work, we’ve got a solution: choosing menthol-flavoured e-juices!

The best part? A quick 5-10-minute refreshing break will not cause any issues, and you’ll be ready to resume your work with a refreshed mind in no time!

  1. Menthol Chill E-Liquid

Though a menthol-flavoured e-liquid is enough for a midday splash, the additional floral notes in this vape juice can provide a tasty and chilly experience you wouldn’t mind vaping throughout the day!

  1. Brain Freeze E-Liquid

However, if you’re looking for a chilling, brain-freezing effect, the suggested e-liquid would do the job perfectly! And the best part? You will experience the combined notes of menthol, mint, and ice, which taste anything but perfect!

Category D: Classic Tobacco

Want to switch to vaping but can’t forget the taste of classic cigarettes? Worry no more! Our suggested classic tobacco category will let you experience a similar taste and vibe without risking your health! Sounds interesting, right? So, try these;

  1. Cream Tobacco Nic Salt E-Liquid

Though classic tobacco is already a blissful blast, how about vaping a mixed flavour of tobacco and sweet cream? While the tobacco notes will let you reminisce over traditional cigarettes, the slight sweetness of the cream will reduce the bitterness, providing a nutty base.

  1. Rolling Leaf E-Liquid 

Lastly, the rolling leaf e-flavour has captured tobacco’s rich, smoky, and earthy notes. Further, the additional elements enhance the overall flavour, balancing sweetness and spiciness, making you nostalgic about smoking without providing any harmful effects of combustion. Try it now!

The Takeaway

So, did you like the list of top e-liquid flavours of 2023? Though we bet our suggestions must have created a stargazing effect on you, the world of vape flavours is limitless, so in the end, it depends on your taste buds and preferences. So, good luck!

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