Types Of Vape Devices: A Guide For Beginners New To Vaping

Since the creation of the first advanced e-cigarette in the year 2003, the e-cigarette industry has proliferated and expanded greatly. Vaping technology is now in full swing with more and more improved vape devices coming into the market every now and then. Knowing what device to get for yourself when faced with a plethora of options can be extremely difficult, especially for a beginner, who has no clue about vape devices or e-liquids. But, with a brief and summarized classification of vape devices, it will become easier for any beginner to make their decision

Generally, all vape devices can be categorized into four major categories

–       Ciga-like vapes

–       Vape pens

–       Pod systems

–       Vape mods

Ciga-Like Vapes:

As the name suggests, ciga-like vapes look like cigarettes, and these are the prototypical vape devices that were introduced in the market when the e-cigarette industry started flourishing. Ciga-like vapes were designed for smokers to mimic the act of smoking, and they have an extremely thin shape and a very small mouthpiece. Addiction to cigarettes is both physical and psychological, and people who are habitual of smoking are also habitual of performing the hand-to-mouth gesture associated with smoking. Instead of breaking the habit completely, ciga-like vapes provide an easy transition for smokers to quit cigarettes by replicating the hand-to-mouth gesture, without inducing any of the harmful effects of smoking. Ciga-like vapes contain a tip and light indicator at the bottom, along with a battery, vaporizing chamber, and ingredient cartridge.

Vape Pens:

Vape pens are more or less like ciga-like vapes in appearance, but a bit bigger in size and a bit different in operations. They are considered good vape starter kits and are apt for beginners. Vape pens are refillable devices and they are activated with a button. Vape pens have better airflow than ciga-like vapes and they’re good portable devices for beginners. They can also be recharged and their pocket-friendly size allows them to be carried by everyone easily. The vapor production is also denser than ciga-like vapes. These pens mainly comprise a mouthpiece, atomizer, button, and battery. They are also approved by MHRA, which guarantees their usage safety.

Pod Systems:

Pod systems are compact and fully portable vape devices that are used by vapers of all levels. They are generally broader than ciga-like vapes and vape pens and have a wider mouthpiece that feels more natural upon vaping. Pod systems. Most pods come with a refillable pod cartridge which can be refilled when the pod runs out of e-liquid, while others have pre-filled pods that must be disposed of. Some pods also have a built-in screen that lets you monitor the number of puffs taken, battery level, or the e-liquid capacity, however not all pod systems have this feature. They are extremely light in weight and easy to carry and come with an external rechargeable battery. Pod systems mainly consist of a mouthpiece, USB port, led indicator, coil, and an e-liquid window.

Vape Mods:

Vape mods are famous for their vapor or cloud production and they are generally famous among advanced vapers, who are part of the cloud-chasing community. These vapes come with a complex set-up, containing, large batteries, large tanks, and low-resistance coils, which are used for sub-ohm vaping. These vape devices are preferred by advanced vapers because due to their mechanism, they use low-nicotine e-liquids. low nicotine e-liquids allow vaping at lower resistance or they can give a harsh feeling in the throat. this is the reason why ciga-like vapes or vape pens are recommended for beginner-level vapers, as they allow vaping at higher nicotine levels, which is required by ex-smokers new to vaping. Vape mods also allow a higher level of customization to their users.

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