Vape Device Troubleshooting: Unsatisfactory Flavour

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A lot of the time, vapers complain that despite having everything working in their set-ups and full battery, they don’t get a satisfactory flavour, their vapour production is low, or their e-liquid doesn’t give more throat hit or concentrated flavour. There are a lot of factors that could affect the flavour of your device, despite having a sound and well-functioning device or set-up. A lot of the time these issues have less to do with your device, and more to do with your e-liquid and other gears.

If the issue arises with a disposable vape, chances are 90% of the time, the pen or bar is faulty. It is not uncommon to receive a faulty disposable vape if you are buying it from an obscure or unreliable vape shop – which is why it is advised to locate a reputable vape store to shop for vape devices in the UK. But if these issues arise in a refillable device, then a lot of time, the manufacturers of the device aren’t at fault.

A lot of time the reason that vapers don’t get flavour or satisfaction from the flavour is a phenomenon called the vaper’s tongue. When a vaper suffers from a vaper’s tongue, they are unable to taste or detect the flavour of their vape, because their taste buds get desensitized due to excessive use of the same flavour. In order to cure it, you can try changing your e-liquid or resetting your olfactory system by sniffing ground coffee. But if the vaper’s tongue is not the reason behind the persistent muted flavour, then you can follow this guide and check all the things listed below to troubleshoot your vape flavour.

Replacing The Coil

A lot of time, the reason for getting a muted or subtle flavour is a damaged coil. When you use an e-liquid that has an excessive amount of sweeteners or flavours, it ends up producing a lot of gunk that gets stored in your coil and prevents the e-liquid from generating the flavour. The quality of your e-liquid corresponds to how quickly your coil gets polluted with gunk. Hence you must first ensure the quality of your e-liquid and then change the coil if it has accumulated a lot of gunk inside. The usual lifespan of a coil is 3-4 weeks, but it also depends upon your usage and e-liquid quality. Make sure to change your coil if you stop getting the desired flavour from your e-liquid, and also clean it periodically.

The PG and VG Ratio and How It Affects Flavour

Your e-liquid is mainly composed of four basic ingredients, namely PG, VG, nicotine and artificial sweeteners and flavours. The PG works as a carrier for flavours in your e-liquid, and VG is responsible for generating vapour. If your e-liquid has an imbalance between these two ingredients, you will likely experience a shift in flavours. If particularly the level of PG in your e-liquid is low, it will give you a light and subtle flavour. That’s the reason why the perfect ratio recommended for e-liquids, especially for beginners, is 50:50, as it strikes the perfect balance between flavours and throat hits.

If you are having trouble with getting stronger flavour, you can try getting an e-liquid that has a higher amount of PG in it. Generally, dessert-based e-liquids need a higher amount of PG to develop stronger flavours and balance out the sweetness. If you prefer more vapour, then you can get a VG-based e-liquid. PG is also responsible for generating a stronger throat hit, hence the ideal balance between PG and VG depends upon your preference.

The Quality of Nicotine in Your E-Liquid

Nicotine quality, for the most part, does matter when it comes to the flavour of your e-liquid. If you are using an e-liquid that’s past its expiration date, chances are the nicotine inside has oxidized, and you will not be able to get a strong flavour, no matter what. This is the reason why your e-liquids must always be stored in a cool and dry place to prevent the nicotine from oxidizing with air particles. Oxidized nicotine not only fades the flavour but can also give it a peppery taste that some people can’t stand. One way to know whether or not the nicotine content inside your e-liquid is expired is to check the colour of your e-liquid. If it’s dark or yellowish in colour, chances are you’re using an oxidized e-liquid and must discard it and replace it with another e-liquid.

Power of The Device

The general consensus is the more power you provide to your device, the more juice it will consume and the more flavour you will get. But that’s not always the case, and if you own a device that’s not suitable for high wattage, then you might end up destroying the coil inside. Hence you must ensure you are operating your device with the right amount of wattage it needs to run at. Ideally, you shouldn’t go beyond 420 degrees because it will burn the cotton and destroy your coil altogether. Most people like to stay between 35-370 degrees because it helps develop the flavour and gives a consistent stream of flavours throughout the vape session. You also need to check what kind of settings are recommended for your coil and stick to those. Once you know your range, you can play around with different settings within those bounds and find your sweet spot.

Airflow of The Device

In general, devices with less airflow give better mouth-to-lung throat hits, more intense flavour, stronger throat hits and slightly warm vapour. In contrast, devices with more airflow give more vapour, less flavour intensity, less intense throat hits and slightly cooler vapour. If your device falls in the latter category, then chances are you’re getting mild flavours because of the airflow. People who build their own coils know better how to use these properties. When building coils, the airflow and size of the wire gauge can both totally customize vapes where they hit and taste differently with the same resistance and wattage or voltage. Some people prefer to take big lung hits and blow huge clouds but keep the temperature of the vapour they’re inhaling cooler than others taking smaller hits with less vapour and less power.

But in the end, it all boils down to finding that sweet spot, and the airflow has a lot to do with it. Others like really concentrated, dense, flavourful hits like with mouth draw or a hybrid draw. Smaller chambers with less airflow usually increase the density and, thus, the flavour of the vapour. And then there are all combinations in the middle.

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