Vapril 2023 – Here’s What You Need to Know

Smoking remains to be the single biggest catalyst for millions of preventable deaths all over the world. A lot of you might have heard about “Stoptober,” which is a very famous initiative taken by public health England, to encourage and empower people to give up on smoking during the month of October. Stoptober helps people to try to break the habit by being consistent and resolute throughout the month and it’s a collective experience so it’s more motivating and uplifting.

The UK vaping industry association (UKVIA,) started its initiative called “Vapril.” Vapril is an awareness and educational campaign, that entails a month entirely dedicated to helping smokers switch to vaping and make this transition easier for them. 

When Did Vapril Begin?

The Vapril campaign started in the April of 2018, and since then, it has been the largest informational and educational campaign related to the vape ever initiated in the world. Perception of vaping among people is extremely distorted and misinformed by false news and facts, propagated by fearmongers. Vapril aims to provide specialist advice and unadulterated information and facts, as well as support, to help you make a well-informed decision towards a better and healthier lifestyle.

What Does UKVIA Do with Vapril?

UKVIA is an association dedicated to the development and promotion of the vaping industry. Even when the promotion of vaping as a successful smoking cessation tool has enabled many smokers to pass huge milestones, without relapse, England still has around 6.9 million smokers. With Public Health England estimating that vaping could allow 20,000 smokers to quit each year and that 40% of smokers have never tried vaping, the Vapril Challenge, therefore, aims to change the situation.

Vapril aims to raise awareness among smokers in the country about the health benefits of vaping and the many possibilities offered by this tool. The objective of Vapril is therefore to promote the cessation of tobacco among the remaining 7 million smokers and their transition to electronic cigarettes.

How Do People Participate in Vapril?

Vapril is the vaping industry’s largest consumer awareness campaign. A lot of different actions have been launched in the framework of Vapril to create a far-reaching and greater magnitude impact within its purview.

1.      Speak Up for Vaping

The first approach targets the public and involves the British population as much as possible in order to prove the effectiveness of vaping as a means of smoking cessation. What could be better than testimonials of successful transitions by former smokers that resonate with every person who’s habitual of smoking and wants to quit?

 All praise to the “Speak Up for Vaping” challenge that among the 3 million people, living in England, who have successfully quit cigarettes with vaping, are given a platform to support Vapril by leaving their testimonials. This way, a lot of people are driven to take prompt actions to make their switch because personal experiences of people always weigh more over facts and figures.

2.      Switch On to Vaping

The other challenge more or less follows the first and is called “Switch on to Vaping”. This entails a change management plan, divided into four steps and offered online on the official website of the operation in order to support smokers in their transition to vaping throughout the month of April. This plan lists advice from vapers to make a successful transition to vaping with complete peace of mind.

People wanting to learn more about vaping, can get information on vaping in the right places and seek personalized advice; look for the model of vaper and the e-liquid personalized and adapted to their needs without risking experiments to find the right one.

3.      “Switch On to Vaping” Masterclasses

For smokers who feel the need for more in-depth support, specialized workshops are organized in many cities in the United Kingdom, where partners of Vapril, host masterclasses on the subject of how electronic cigarettes work, the various existing tools, and e-liquids, the nicotine dosage adapted to their needs and more. All the advice you need to get into vaping on the right foot is available in these masterclasses!

4.      Expert Advice Leaked

Expert advice serves as FAQs or frequently asked questions that a lot of new vapers have. Hence, people can also benefit from expert answers to the questions that arise during their first vape experiences, such as authorized or prohibited places to vape, scientifically proven or data-driven information on the effects of vaping on health, the device to choose, or the e-liquids to pick.

Final Note

Smokers wishing to quit smoking and switch to vaping are therefore much more widely encouraged to do so in England than in other countries around the world, including the United States. The United Kingdom, therefore, remains the destination ahead of the recognition of the vape in terms of health. Let’s hope that other countries, decide to follow the initiative of the English Vapril. Something to perhaps open the eyes of governments to the urgency of recognizing the vape as an ally in this fight rather than as a new enemy to face

Vaping has proven to be the most successful quitting tool for smokers, which doesn’t entail nicotine withdrawal symptoms. It is 95% safer than smoking cigarettes and doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients or processes that could be harmful to human health.  Hence, be patient and allow yourself time to accept the establishment of new routines, and above all never lose sight of your wish to stop smoking.

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