What Is the Puff Limit in The UK?

puff limit in the UK

Amidst the vape-hour clouds that have long draped the skies of the United Kingdom, the sun has finally risen in the form of new government regulations on vaping. If you’re an adult indulging in the limited puff range, there’s no cause for concern—just stay within the newly defined limits. However, with the calendar flip, it’s necessary to grasp these fresh guidelines to ensure a seamless vaping experience.

So, in this blog, we’ve sorted out the details, with a spotlight on the legal puff limit in the UK. But that’s not it; we’ll also cover broader aspects related to the new vape regulations and address any burning questions you might have. So, without further ado, let’s begin!

But What Was The Need For Such A Regulation?

Many people consider recent concerns, i.e., youth vaping and environmental pollution, as the main motives behind such a regulation. However, that’s just not it. The UK’s government has been working on making the entire region smoke-free by 2030.

For instance, in 2016, to combat the increasing popularity of smoking among people, the government introduced everyone to e-cigarettes as a safer alternative to traditional smoking. Simultaneously, the aim was to ban black markets from selling these cigarettes illegally.

Yet, the sudden rise in youth vaping and pollution has surely made the government act faster on their plan and implement similar restrictions on vaping. Here’s a little brief on the new policies;

  • Ban On Disposable Vapes

Starting 1st January 2024, there’s been an expectant ban on disposable vapes, especially Lost Mary and Elf Bars, due to their wide appeal to minors. Since these disposables are easy to purchase, use, and discard, we’ve been witnessing many children engaging in the habit without knowing about the harmful health risks they might encounter later.

Another reason behind such a ban is these vapes don’t get discarded properly and cause soil eruption and water pollution. This has been a major problem in Scotland lately. However, TPD- and TRPR-compliant disposables can be bought and sold as usual. 

  • Restrictions On Vape Access To Minors

Similar to the disposable bans, minors are restricted from purchasing any vape product from stores. The same rules apply to the vendors selling such products to any underage kid. They can lose their licence to sell all over the UK if caught.

  • Flavour Restrictions

Tropical berries, delicious desserts, refreshing spearmint, and all such flavours have been an additional perk of vaping, but not anymore! As youth find such e-flavours appealing and irresistible, the government is planning to ban them all, leaving only traditional tobacco behind for ex-smokers, mainly.

  • Restricted Advertisement & Packaging

How often do you see popular brands running creative and appealing vaping ads and promoting their products through social media influencers? Many times, right? And such promotional advertisements are full of vibrant colours and animations, aren’t they? Well, per the new rules, such appealing ads won’t find you again as they play quite a part in ‘attracting’ youth and normalising vaping.

  • Increased Prices

Lastly, to ensure the implementation of these new rules, the government is further planning to increase the prices of vape products. This way, only substantial vapers will be able to buy the vaping products.

Restricted Puff Limit In The UK In 2024

Now, this is the most important part of this blog, and we hope you’re paying enough attention. Per the stated rule in the earlier released consultation report, the nicotine and e-liquid consumption limit has been set to 20 mg and 2 ml.

However, while most people believe the 600 puff range is the last limit allowed in the UK, it’s not entirely true! As long as you’re not consuming nicotine over 20mg or 2% per device and your e-liquid is not more than 2ml, you may puff as much as you want to.

How’s The Public Reacting To New Rules?

It’s evident most of the population, including minors, are not pleased with the new rules across the UK. The debates since the ban dates have been sparking on popular mediums like Reddit and X. While most teens and adults are showing concerns over not being able to buy their favourite vapes like they used to, there’s been a surge in the independent vape shops opening in the region and selling the restricted vape products.

Further, upon conducting a survey, around 80% of the teens confessed to buying vapes from their friends and similar third-party resources instead of directly. Meanwhile, 31% have confirmed purchasing vapes from petrol stations or similar convenience stores where such restrictions aren’t really followed.

Furthermore, many ex-smokers are worried as they only switched to vaping due to the intriguing flavours and fewer health risks. However, with such a decision, they might consider reverting to smoking as both habits will only have tobacco flavours.

Lastly, there’s also been an up roaring discussion on the rise of black markets, selling Elf bars or Lost Mary vapes at higher prices through illegal import.

Impact Of Limited Puff Range On The Vape Industry

You will be surprised to know this, but even the renowned vape brands are agreeing to the new regulations implemented by the government. According to them, youth vaping is concerning, and there should be rules to prevent minors from indulging in this habit.

How’s IVG Managing Amid The New Rules?

Since IVG is quite recognised for selling disposable vapes worldwide, we understand our customers’ concerns. We agree fully to the terms announced by the UK government, and all our products are TPD-compliant.

And to enhance the experience for vapers, you can go ahead and try our earlier launched 2400 vape puff bar and 6000 puff e-liquid. However, there’s nothing to worry about as both products follow the 20mg/2ml rule, and you won’t be experiencing any inconvenience while consuming these.

Furthermore, to make sure there’s no development in youth vaping stats, we’ve refined our purchasing policies with extra identification steps.


Though there’s been a significant decrease in smoking stats since the vaping culture took over, the new regulations may influence people to see no difference in both, which can be concerning for a lot of consumers using vapes to limit their nicotine addiction.

However, the expected future still appears bright for vaping, and we might see companies taking measures to reintroduce the products and make them eco-friendly to minimise youth vaping and environmental pollution completely. Though we’ll have to wait a bit.

Meanwhile, we’ll end this informative blog here. Let us know in the comments if we’ve left anything behind.

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